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User Roles

User Roles

For greater control over user purchasing ability within an organization, Insco offers three levels of access for users: Administrative Users, Authorized Purchasing Agents, and General Users.


Hey, hey everybody welcome to the new Insco.com.

I am going to walk you through user roles today.

We have 3 that are available to you at the moment, and they all serve different purposes.

The first thing we will want to do is go visit your account by selecting the ?user? icon in the top right-hand corner of the page.

In this case we will go to ?User Management?.

To receive the ?User Management? option you will need to be set up as a ?super user? or an ?admin?. This is something that can be set up manually by calling us or sending an email to hello@insco.com and requesting it.

The good thing about being a super user is that it allows you to be able to manage your employees on the Insco.com site and it also allows you to approve carts.

So, you can have employees that you may not want them to be able to purchase on your account but want to allow to shop and request cart approvals. Or you may want to have authorized purchasing agents.

Right now, we are looking at a test user that I added.

He is setup as a ?General User?.

What this means is a General User can go in and shop, but they cannot actually check out on the account. Instead, they will need to submit carts for approval to be approved by a Super User.

The Super User will be sent a notification letting them know that a cart is pending approval.

The Super User will then be able to go into their account and either approve the account for purchase or deny it.

This will trigger an email sent to the General User notifying them of their cart approval or denial.

All of the roles can be change on the ?User Management? screen by selecting the dropdown in the top right-hand corner and changing the user role by selecting it.

The other option is to have an ?Authorized Purchasing Agent?. This is somebody who cannot manage users, but they can make purchases on your account without cart approval.

So, if you have an office manager or maybe someone in a more senior role, they would be able to go in and make purchases on your account.

The last option is the ?Super User?.

The Super User or the Admin role can not only approve carts, but they can manage users and checkout on account at any time.

So, if we go into our Super Admin account and select ?Manage Users? from the dropdown menu this will take us to the User Management screen.

You will see our test user on this screen. This would be possibly an employee of your company.

If you click the red pencil icon you can edit the user there.

You can also go through and approve carts by selecting it from the User menu.

I have this one in here that I had processed yesterday.

They will all be listed here, and you can choose to approve or deny them.

If you are an Admin or Super User you can make the cart approval and user adjustments yourself. But, to be setup as an admin you will need to reach out to us by toll free number or at hello@insco.com and we?d be able to make that adjustment for you.