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My Saved Lists

My Saved Lists

A helpful feature of the new Insco.com is the ability to save lists. This allows you to create a group of stored items for any purpose.


Hey, hey everybody welcome to the new Insco.com.

I am going to walk you through how to save a shopping list.

First and foremost; log in to your account.

Select the ?User? icon from the top right-hand corner.

Login here.

If you do not have an account, then you will need to register for one by selecting the black button.

I will simply log in to mine.

Once we are logged in to our account we can go and start to shop for products.

In this case I will go and shop for electrical items.

Let?s say that I am looking for conduit and conduit fittings.

Let?s say that I am working on a job maybe for an apartment or I know what that job is going to require every single time.

Well, I can build a shopping list for the job, and I can share that shopping list or I can save it to my account and any time I need to do that specific job I can go and view that list.

It helps to make the shopping experience easier and faster and expedites the checkout process as well.

Let?s say that I know I am always going to use this ½? flexible conduit for example.

I can select the button below ?Add to Cart? that says: ?Favorite List?, and it will give you a drop down of list options and the ability to name a brand-new list.

As you can see, I already have several lists created.

In this case I can go in here and call this list ?Apartment Job?.

Once you have entered your list name simply press the ?enter? button on your keyboard and that item will be added to your list.

Then I can go back through and add even more items to my ?Job? list as I see fit.

So, let?s say that I know I will need this 1/2'? coupler as well. I can then add it to this same ?Job? list.

So, If I select ?Favorite List? again you can see that my ?Apartment Job? list now shows up.

If I click on my list the item will be added to it.

If I would like to view these lists, I can go to my account by selecting the ?User? icon in the top right-hand corner; click it once and it will show me a dropdown listing of all of the selections I am able to make.

In this case we want to go and view ?My Favorites Lists?.

Here you will see a listing of all the lists you have created.

You will see the ?Apartment Job? list as well as the other 3 lists I had created previously.

You can show more items if you would like. You can search for a particular list. You can delete the list from this page or you can add the whole list to a cart.

So, if you click the ?Add to Cart? button it will add the items in your list to a cart and get it ready for checkout or we might choose to view the contents of the list.

If we want to view its contents, then click on the list name.

This next page will show you the 2 items that I have added to the list.

Now, let?s say you decided you needed multiples of an item the way you would do this is by adjusting the quantity here.

You can also choose to add individual items to your cart from this screen by selecting the item in the right-hand column then navigating to the dropdown on the left-hand side and selecting ?Add Selected Items to Cart?.

If you want to update the quantity in your cart, select the item, change the quantity, and select ?Update Selected Items? from this same dropdown.

Now, as you can see the quantity has changed and so has the extended price total. Since we doubled our quantity, the price doubled as well.

We are now looking at $2.65 instead of $1.32.

We can also show how many items we would like to display per page.

You can delete this list from this page as well.

You can also rename your list here.

Let?s say I goofed the name; if I click the ?List Name? button I can change the name on the left and select ?Save?.

When I do this the list name will now be updated.

You can also search for items within your saved list.

You can select ?Expand View? to show more product details.

You can also sort by part number or MPN.

And that is lists. Thanks!