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How to Search and Filter

How to Search and Filter

Find the exact item you need by filtering by category, brand, and a myriad of product attributes. Use the compare tool to see up to 5 products side-by-side for comparison.


Hey, hey everybody and welcome to the new Insco.com.

The search functionality is new and improved and very robust.

It will make shopping so much easier.

Let?s say I am looking for a Nu-Calgon product.

If I go type it in it will show me a preview of several Nu-Calgon products and some product categories.

If I click ?More Results? it will take me to the listing of our Nu-Clagon products.

As you can se there is 137 results for Nu-Calgon.

We can go the left-hand filter mechanism and filter these items based on parameters that we see fit.

Let?s say I am looking for a coil cleaner; well, I can select the coil cleaner category on the left and the results will be sorted to only show coil cleaners.

It found 26 results.

You can adjust the page view by selecting the ?View Style? in the right-hand corner. We have a list view or a thumbnail view option.

We can also compare items by selecting the items you want to compare with the ?Select Item? checkbox found under the ?Add to Cart? button. Then go up to the top and select the ?Compare Items? button.

This will take you to a page with your selected items and it will show you the specifications for each one for comparison purposes.

As you can see here our two items are on the compare page. We can choose to ?Highlight Similar? or ?Highlight Differences? from this screen. It is a nice feature that makes it easy to identify product differences.

You can also remove an item from this screen.

So, let?s say I had 3 items here and I ruled one out. Well, I can simply select the item I want to remove and hit remove item and the item will no longer appear on this page.

Let?s go back to the product listing page.

You can change the number of items that show per page.

The pagination is in the top right-hand corner if the items did not fit on the current page.

You can also sort by ?Best Match?, ?Top Sellers? and ?Top Rated Products?.

We have a bulk options dropdown. We would need to select the items we want to use the bulk option on like we did before in our comparison example.

Then scroll back up to the ?Bulk Options? dropdown and select either ?Add Items to a List? or ?Add Items to Cart?.