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Fast-Stat 5000 | Insco Distributing
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Fast-Stat Wiring Extender, Plastic, Black

  • Brand Name: Fast-Stat
  • IPN: 5000 FAST-STAT
  • MPN: 5000
  • UPC: 616316617292
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Fast-Stat Wiring Extender, 24 VAC, 2 amp, Plastic, Black, Adhesive Tape/Screw Mount, -20 to 120 deg F

Brand Name       Fast-Stat
Item Name       Wiring Extender
Voltage Rating       24 VAC
Amperage Rating       2 amp
Material       Plastic
Color       Black
Mounting Type       Adhesive Tape/Screw
Temperature Rating       -20 to 120 deg F
  • Fast-Stat wiring extenders electronically add more wires to a control cable
  • Saves significant time and expense as compared to repulling of new cables
  • Causes no damage to walls or ceilings as compared to access holes that are often needed when re-pulling cables
  • The sender and receiver communicate over the existing thermostat cable and/or outdoor unit cable
  • Not a wireless system and therefore avoids all the problems that wireless systems may have
  • No batteries required, all Fast-Stat models are powered by the existing 24 volt transformer
  • Works over long cable lengths upto 500 feet and more
  • FAST-STAT Wiring Extenders do not produce interference with other electronic devices nor are they affected electronic devices that produce large amounts of interference
  • Low power use, most FAST-STAT models use less than 3 watt of power
  • Compatible with all conventional wiring systems using R, C, W, W2, Y, Y2, G, O/B and other terminals
  • Can be used with oil burners, zone controllers and other systems that require "dry contact switching"
  • Many Fast-Stat wiring extenders can be used in the same building or complex without interference between units
  • Works with old and new systems, can be connected to older systems such as thermopile millivolt, standing pilot systems, intermittent pilot controllers, fan centers, etc.
  • R, C, W1, W2, Y, G terminal designations
  • Adds 4-wire to any system, 2-stage heat, 1 cool, powered stats, cable repairs