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Ace® EZ Leak-Stop Kit, Blue, Liquid Form, Characteristic Odor/Scent

  • Brand Name: Ace Chemical
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Aceseal Ez-leak stop is a blend of POE oil and various polar additives. The oil in the formula is non-polar while the additives are polar by nature. The additives (polar) have been blended into the oil (non-polar) to form a uniform blend. When injected into a leaking system the sealant mixes with the oil/refrigerant and rushes to the source of the leak. The smaller molecules in the oil/refrigerant escape first while the larger molecules in the additives, being polar in nature and larger in particle size, are attracted to each other and then forced under "cohesive pressure" to form a flexible bond/barrier at the site of the leak. The additives in the formula are designed to offer ongoing protection from future corrosive leaks while also lubricating seals in the system.

Ace Chemical EZ Leak-Stop Kit, Liquid, Blue, Characteristic

Brand Name ????? Ace Chemical
Color ????? Blue
Form ????? Liquid
Item Name ????? EZ Leak-Stop Kit
Odor/Scent ????? Characteristic
  • Permanently seals leaks in A/C and refrigeration system
  • Does not react with air or moisture
  • Compatible with all lubricant and refrigerant
  • Reduces compressor noise and extends compressor life
  • Contains additives to protect against future corrosion
  • Very effective for preventative maintenance
  • Safe for all A/C systems, components and equipment
  • Reusable hose
  • Contains syringe sealant with hose
  • Treats upto 6 ton unit
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  • pdf Brochure/Catalog
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  • pdf MSDS
  • pdf Specification Sheet
  • pdf Specification Sheet