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Airex Manufacturing TGS-575-G | Insco Distributing
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AIREX Titan Outlet Penetration Seal Wall Outlet, PVC

  • Brand Name: Airex Manufacturing
  • IPN: TGS-575G
  • MPN: TGS-575-G
  • UPC: 79357300575
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AIREX TITAN OUTLET - Professionally Engineered and with an Architectural aesthetic finish design, features a Wall Outlet Enclosure with excellent weather proofing capabilities that fits over and seals around wall surface piping penetrations, utilizing elastomeric gaskets and seals, as required by building, energy, and mechanical codes. AIREX TITAN OUTLET prevents wall gaps and exterior surface cracks associated with the use of rigid wall penetration sleeves or rigid penetration flashing materials. Featuring a combined fastener and gasket/seal applied compression-force system that accomplishes simultaneous, solid, internal wall structure attachment and all-surface wall gasket mounting for long-term sustainable and effective air leakage sealing. An integral over-molded Flexible Elastomeric Sleeve, seals the refrigerant piping and insulation, creating an air leakage seal, that permanently supports the refrigerant piping at the point of equipment service areas, professionally engineered and with an architectural aesthetic finish design. The sleeve also features a designated region to accommodate a stainless-steel clamp that mechanically grips both refrigerant piping and piping insulation, mechanically securing against vibration, rodents, insects, and pipe insulation protection for outdoor usage.

Airex Manufacturing Penetration Seal Wall Outlet, Series: TGS, PVC, Gray, Includes: Hardware, Domestic

Brand Name       Airex Manufacturing
Sub Brand       Titan Outlet
Item Name       Penetration Seal Wall Outlet
Series       TGS
Material       PVC
Color       Gray
Includes       Hardware
  • Meets mandatory building codes, energy, residential, mechanical and green codes
  • Superior durable quality with UV/resistance and high impact strength design
  • Gasket compression system seals wall air leakage and weather moisture wall damage
  • Flexible elastomeric outlet sleeve design offers, anti-wind, anti-rodent features
  • Design supports HVAC systems with wall isolation and anti-vibration features
  • Flexible sleeve reduces piping vibration and noise
  • Hardware included pre-mounted gasket, mechanical stainless steel clamp, bead of lubricant, 4 all-material screws, pre-mounted neoprene washers
  • Fits: applications with 3/4 Inch insulation thickness diameter