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AmRad CPT200 | Insco Distributing
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AmRad Run Capacitor, 67.5 micro-F

  • Brand Name: AmRad
  • IPN: CPT200-GTS
  • MPN: CPT200
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The world's first universal line of multiple tapped, oil filled, metal can, motor run and motor start capacitors, Turbo 200® capacitors eliminate the need to inventory more than 200 individual single or dual value capacitors with a voltage rating up to 440 VAC. The Turbo easy start is a "low loss" metallized motor start capacitor with a built-in potential relay. For a smooth and fast boost of air conditioner and refrigeration compressors, simply select the capacitance range for your equipment, up to 5 tons.

AmRad Run Capacitor, 67.5 micro-F

Brand Name       AmRad
Item Name       Run Capacitor
MFD Rating       67.5 micro-F
  • 5 years warranty