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Apollo SL-2000-P | Insco Distributing
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Apollo SL-2000-P Conventional Duct Detector, 230/115/24 VAC/24 VDC Power Source, Photoelec...

  • Brand Name: Apollo
  • IPN: 0510810
  • MPN: SL-2000-P
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The SL-2000 series conventional duct detector is the latest innovation for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC. The SL-2000 includes many features that represent true innovations from current generation duct smoke detectors. Our traditional installer/servicer friendly approach has been closely followed and expanded throughout the SL-2000. This philosophy provides a new level of efficiency in after-purchase value to both the installer/servicer and end-user. Our attention to detail has yielded a host of "no-tools required" features, as well as a multi-application performance level as yet unmatched in the industry. Innovative product combined with unsurpassed customer service equals the right combination for all of your projects. The key features below detail many of the customer driven innovations incorporated in the SL-2000 series.

Apollo Conventional Duct Detector, 100 to 4000 fpm Detection Range, Photoelectric Detection Method, 230/115/24 VAC/24 VDC, Smoke Alarm, Flashing LED Visual Indicator, 85 +/-5% RH Non-Condensing, Non-Freezing Humidity Rating, Photoelectric Alarm Sensor, 22-12 AWG Solid/Stranded Wire, 18 mA at 230 VAC, 32 mA at 115 VAC, 190 mA at 24 VAC, 68 mA at 24 VDC Alarm Current, Plastic, Clear/Gray, 32 to 140 deg F, 4-1/2 in Width, 13-1/2 in Height, 2-1/4 in Depth

Alarm Current       18 mA at 230 VAC, 32 mA at 115 VAC, 190 mA at 24 VAC, 68 mA at 24 VDC
Depth       2-1/4 in
Detection Method       Photoelectric
Height       13-1/2 in
Humidity Rating       85 +/-5% RH Non-Condensing, Non-Freezing
Material       Plastic
Temperature Rating       32 to 140 deg F
Width       4-1/2 in
Wire Type       22-12 AWG Solid/Stranded
Power Source       230/115/24 VAC/24 VDC
Sensor Type       Photoelectric Alarm
Detection Range       100 to 4000 fpm
Visual Indicator Type       Flashing LED
Alarm Type       Smoke
Color       Clear/Gray
  • Patented "no-tools required" front or rear loading and removing sampling/exhaust tubes
  • Patented "test port valve" allows for aerosol smoke testing without cover removal
  • Clear cover fitted with four captive "no-tools required" thumbscrews
  • Staggered terminal blocks for easier wiring
  • Flashing LED on detector head indicates normal operation
  • Magnet test capability
  • More wiring space than competitive models
  • Footprint allows easy retrofit in many application without additional drilling
  • Duct wall gaskets on back of enclosure are pre-installed
  • Compatible with the WP-2000 Weather-proof enclosure
  • Reset switch is also an alarm test switch-competitive models require a magnet or cover removal to test at unit
  • External mounting tabs do not require cover removal to install
  • Colored cover gasket indicates proper cover seal
  • Compact, lightweight size means easy handling, lower shipping costs
  • Two-sets of 10 A form "C" alarm contacts
  • One-set of 2 A form "A" alarm contacts
  • One-set of 10 A form "C" trouble contacts
  • Large terminal connection screws
  • Standard interchangeable "plug-in" UL268 photoelectric or ionization heads
  • Instantaneous cover removal trouble indication